AboutOn the way home from work in the fall of 2004 Michelle Romero did something most women have done - she spilled on her favorite handbag. Frustrated by the thought of hunting for a replacement then transferring all the contents, she wished there was a way to just change the outside of the bag. The idea immediately popped into her mind to create a bag with changeable covers. Not to be deterred by her lack of sewing skills, Michelle grabbed her super glue and scrap fabric, took apart the stained bag, and made the very first prototype. With her rough creation in hand, Michelle set out on a mission to bring to life the Miche bag.
About 2Michelle showed the prototype to her friend, Annette Cavaness, who immediately loved the idea. Annette used her knowledge as an accessories buyer to work with Michelle on developing a business plan and perfecting the product.The combination of each of their unique strengths and experiences made it clear that the two were destined to be business partners. In April 2005 Michelle and Annette started the process and formed Miche Bag, LLC.. Together they met with a patent lawyer and a sourcing agent, and soon the final product became a reality. 
Michelle and Annette both felt that the name would be a very important part of the product. After brainstorming many ideas the name “Miche” (pronounced, "MEE-chee") was suggested after the nick name Michelle’s mother-in-law gave her. Naturally, the name for the many changeable covers became “Chelle” playing on the aspect of the cover being a “Shell” for the bag as well as finishing the name Michelle.
The first samples were tested personally by Michelle and Annette. They loved changing the bag each day to match their outfits without the hassle of changing the contents from purse. They also love the convenience the Shells provide by stacking 20 Shells in the space of what two small handbags would use. It quickly created excitement among family and friends, who continue to provide a wide variety of ideas for Shells they would love to have. Many new products and ideas are being developed with the endless possibilities of the Miche Bag. And to think, it all started with a spill!