What are the dimensions of the Miche Bag?

Classic     5.75" (wide) x 11.75" (long) x 6.5" (tall)
Prima     5” (wide) x 15” (long) x 12” (tall).
Petite     4“ (wide) x 8“ (long) x 6” (tall)
Demi     7" (wide) x 14" (long) x 9.5" (tall)

What is the inside of the bag like?

Miche Petite
The Petite Base Bag has a black canvas fabric interior with a small open pocket and a top zipper closure.
Miche Classic
The Classic Base Bag has a firm cream fabric interior with a larger zippered inside pocket and two open pockets. The top has a zipper closure.
Miche Demi
The Demi Base Bag has a firm cream fabric interior with one zippered pocket, one small open pocket, two medium pockets, one cellphone pocket and two pen holders. Top zipper closure.
Miche Prima
The Prima Bage bag has a firm cream fabric interior with two small interior open pockets, one medium open pocket, one large zippered pocket, four credit card slots and two pen holders.


I have a problem with my bag -- how can I replace it?

If you are having an issue with your bag and you have had it past our 90-day warranty time frame, please refer to our Tired Old Bag Program page.

What are the Miche Bags and Miche Shells made of?

The exterior of the bag is made from a cotton blend. The shell material varies depending on the style, but can be: faux leather, faux crocodile skin, faux fur, regular nylon, textured nylon, canvas or cotton. All of our products are made from 100% man-made materials and are completely animal and PETA friendly.

How often do new styles come out?

New designs are released each month. Your Miche Canada Representative is your best source for these fashionable new styles. A Closet Organizer will soon be your best friend as you add to your Miche collection!

How do I care for my Miche Bag?

If your Shell or Base Bag becomes slightly soiled, you may wipe the bag or Shells with a damp cloth.

How do I best remove my Shells?

When removing a Shell from the Base, pull it from the center to prevent unnatural bending at the corners.

How do I store my Miche Bag Shells?

The Miche Bag Closet Organizer comes in two sizes and is ideal for easy access and storage of Miche Bag shells. With its sleek design, and the minimal space it takes up, you may be inspired to reorganize your whole closet! 

Without the organizer it is best to store Shells flat with a piece of protective material, such as tissue paper, between each Shell. This will protect all your Shells from transferring colour onto each other —  which is one of the characteristics of polyurethane.

Can Miche Bag magnets cause damage to credit cards, cell phones or cameras?

We use a specific type of permanent magnet called "earth magnets". They are effective at holding the Shell in place and are generally harmless! Miche is not aware of an instance where our magnets have damaged credit cards, cell phones or cameras.

Can Miche Bag magnets cause damage to pacemakers?

Miche is not aware of an instance where our magnets have damaged pacemakers. Nonetheless, each consumer's pacemaker, overall health condition and physician's recommendation will not be the same. Thus, before purchasing a Miche Bag, please consult with the manufacturer of your pacemaker as well as your physician about the safety of our products in regards to your particular circumstances.