Being a Miche fan means never having to switch purses again—it's a beautiful thing! You put all of your essentials in just one bag and never have to bother with moving it all to a different purse each time you change your outfit. Imagine—you will always know where your favorite lipstick is!

You start with a Base Bag—Classic, Demi, Prima or Petite—then add any one of our stylish Shells and you're ready for your busy day. Which "you" are you feeling like today? Fun? Flirty? Sophisticated? All business? No problem. You can give your Miche Bag the exact look you want in three seconds or less. Now that's instant gratification!

Life is Complicated—Ordering Your Miche Bag is Simple!

Your day is busy, busy, busy—but ordering your Miche Bag is a snap! Simply:

  1. Select your Miche Base Bag: we have four sizes for your convenience—Petite, Classic, Demi & Prima. Go get your Base.
  2. Choose your Miche Bag Shells: We have a wide array of stylish and affordable Shells to select from — one for every occasion, outfit, and mood! So relax, take your time, and discover your inner Miche. Depending on your Base Bag, you will find just what you've been looking for in our exciting selection of Petite Shells, Classic Shells, Demi Shells and Prima Shells.
  3. Voilà—a new bag! Don't Forget to Accessorize! You can create a truly unique look that's all your own thanks to our wide selection of stylish Handles and other extras from our Accessories.


Style, Convenience, Affordability—It's in the Bag!

If you're like most women, you pay a fortune for handbags you may only use a couple of times—then they just sit in your closet gathering dust! A Miche Bag allows you to keep all your essentials in just one purse, frees up your closet space for more important things (like more shoes!), and gives you the freedom to enjoy the latest styles anytime you want without draining your bank account. So you. So now. So Miche. Who says you can't have it all? With Miche—you can! Honest. 
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